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custom wedding bags

Personalized Gift Bags and Boxes

You can have your cake and take some home, too! Leaving the party with a little something extra, whether it’s cake or a party favor, is a great way to leave a lasting impression on guests. Select from a variety of personalized goodie bags, favor boxes and wedding gift bags. You can create custom gift bags and boxes on the FYP Customizer to add a unique touch to your wedding or special event.

gold foil stamped goodie bag
Goodie Bag
$32 per 25 min, $55 per 100
4.25" w x 8" h x 2.25" d
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custom gift bag
Gift Bag
$82 per 25 min, $185 per 100
8.25" w x 10.5" h x 4.375" d
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personalized euro gift bags
Euro Bag
$134.75 per 35 min
8" w x 9" h x 4.75" d
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personalized party bag
Party Bag
$33 per 25 min, $60 per 100
5.75" w x 8" h, Wax-lined
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custom wine gift bag
Wine Gift Bag
$74 per 25 min, $167 per 100
5" w x 13" h x 3.5" d
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custom wine euro bag
Wine Euro Bag
$126 per 35 min
5" w x 12.875" h x 3.375" d
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photo party bag
Photo/Full Color Party Bags
$33 per 30 min, $60 per 100
5.75" w x 7.25" h
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gloss goodie bag
Gloss Goodie Bag
$37.50 per 25 min, $66 per 100
5.25" w X 9.75" h X 3" d
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personalized wedding lunch bag
Lunch Bag
$32 per 25 min, $55 per 100
6" w x 11" h x 3.625" d
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small cellophane favor bag
Small Cellophane Bag
$31 per 25 min, $53 per 100
3.75" w x 6.25" h, clear
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Large Cellophane Bag
Large Cellophane Bag
$31 per 25 min, $53 per 100
4" w x 9" h, clear
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cake box
Cake Box
$46 per 50 min
4.5" w x 2" h x 3" d
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tissue paper
Tissue Paper
$1.00 per 8 sheets, 20" x 30"
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Give your guests sweet treats in these adorable flat, wax-lined paper Party Bags. Create your own look or customize one of our designer-made options. These personalized party favor bags are perfect for cookies and other small goodies! Keep the party going by sending home guests with a party favor to remember. 

25 minimum | $60 per 100 | 200+ volume discounts | 5.75" x 8" | wax-lined

Create personalized Goodie Bags for any party or event. Our medium sized paper bag, these are perfect for holiday luminaries, candy and popcorn bars at your wedding, Halloween goodie bags, kid birthday party favor bags and much more. Choose your color and design your personalization to be as festive and unique as your party!

25 minimum | $55 per 100 | 200+ volume discount | 4.25" x 8" x 2.25" | gusseted 

Impress guests with personalized wedding welcome bags or give special birthday gift bags. Are you planning this year's office party? Make those door prizes exciting! These Euro Tote bags are perfect for customizing for any occasion. Use the FYP Customizer to create your own personalized gift bags with your own art, one of our stylish set designs or by creating your own design with our library of fonts and clipart. 

35 minimum | $134.75 per 35 | 8" x 9" x 4.75" | gusseted