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What is a standard cocktail napkin?

A standard cocktail napkin, also referred to as a beverage napkin, is a small paper napkin used primarily for holding drinks, serving small appetizers, and preventing condensation from wetting tables. Our personalized cocktail napkins can be customized for any occasion, from weddings to special events.

What is the average size of a cocktail napkin?

The average size of a cocktail napkin is approximately 5x5 inches when folded. Some of our linen-like cocktail napkins are minimally different at 4.75x4.75 inches.

How many cocktail napkins do I need for 100 guests?

For special events with 100 guests, it's recommended to have at least 2-3 custom cocktail napkins per person per hour, especially if it's an event with drinks and appetizers. This will depend if you have a big drinking crowd or are passing multiple appetizer options. So, for 100 guests, you would need between 200 and 300 napkins.

How many cocktail napkins do I need for 500 guests?

For an event with 500 guests, consider ordering between 1,000 and 1,500 personalized cocktail napkins to ensure everyone has enough, whether you’re planning for a wedding, a corporate event, or any other gathering.

What ply should cocktail napkins be?

Cocktail napkins typically range from 1-ply to 3-ply. The ply refers to the number of layers of paper used. At For Your Party, our 3-ply napkins offer a more luxurious feel and better absorbency. For wedding cocktail napkins, we recommend our custom linen-like napkins for a luxurious look and feel of fine linen while offering the convenience of being disposable.

What size are cocktail table napkins?

Cocktail table napkins, also known as beverage napkins or party napkins, are usually 5x5 inches when folded, and 10x10 inches when fully open.

How do you serve cocktail napkins?

Cocktail napkins can be stylishly served by either neatly stacking them on a bar or drink station or placing them in a decorative napkin tray. When hosting weddings or special events, custom cocktail napkins can also be presented with the drink or appetizer to showcase personal touches. You can personalize our party napkins to match any event’s aesthetic.

How do I choose a napkin color for my wedding?

When selecting a color for your wedding cocktail napkins, consider your wedding theme, color scheme, or personal style. It's common to match the napkin color with the wedding's primary or secondary colors. For Your Party offers a variety of colors and custom designs to help you create the perfect personalized cocktail napkins for your big day.

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