Top 5 Ways to Refresh Your Home Hosting

5 Jan

by Rose Smith

The new year is here, and with it comes an opportunity to reflect and reassess. We know all too well that 2020 was a year of constant adapting, re-thinking and new norms. While 2021 begins with many of the same requirements, we can hope (and even dare to plan) for days of celebration and ease in this calendar year. Home hosting has become an essential element of life these days, even if the number of people you’re hosting is very small. This year, refresh your home hosting stash for a fresh personalized take on life at home.

If you’re like most people, your bar cart or home bar may be seeing a bit more action during this pandemic than usual. No judgment here! Start the new year off with some custom additions to your bar cart supplies. 2021 themed cocktail napkins, engraved glassware and personalized shot glasses are all great details to add to your at-home imbibing set-up. 

add custom cocktail napkins to your home hosting stash this year

Give your powder room a fresh touch of personalization with custom guest towels from For Your Party. Support the incessant hand washing of this moment in history with a clever design and message on unique-to-you guest hand towels. Add a hand towel tray for good measure, and opt for personalized matches to really take your powder room hospitality over the top.

custom guest hand towels add a personalized touch to your powder room

Why not let 2021 be the year that you have custom cocktail napkins for every occasion on hand? Have a bad day? Reach for the cocktail napkins with a cheeky statement that will make you smile. Feeling the love? Opt to pair your evening cocktail with a napkin with sentimental value— maybe of your wedding date or a full-color photo napkin that features you and your beloved on that special trip you took pre-pandemic? Having a socially-distanced girls’ night on the patio? Choose a cocktail napkin that communicates the value of sisterhood among strong women! The options are endless.

personalize all your cocktail napkin occasions with For Your Party

Custom coasters are a fabulous element to have in your home hosting stash, but have you seen For Your Party’s personalized leather coasters!? Upgrade your coaster situation to high-end leather coasters this year. You won’t regret it! Available in black leather, in circle or square shape, these coasters are totally elegant and a great way to elevate your home hosting.

Upgrade your coasters to personalized leather coasters from For Your Party

Look ahead on your calendar and make sure to note any upcoming milestones for you and your loved ones. Maybe you’re celebrating a new decade on this birthday or perhaps your beloved niece is getting married. There are so many reasons to celebrate, so prepare your home hosting stash for all the occasions! From personalized coasters to luncheon napkins to custom koozies, adding that extra measure of personalization is a great idea!

As you navigate a new year, with, admittedly, lots of last year’s difficulties still lingering, find some comfort and beauty in your home. A personalized cocktail napkin won’t solve any huge problems in the world, but it will certainly bring a special touch to your moment, and that matters! Get started designing your personalized For Your Party products today!

design clever custom coasters for your home hosting this year

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