Summer Party Ideas to Kick off Your Hot Season!

26 Jun

Summer is officially here, and let’s be honest: after the year we’ve had so far, we’re ready for a summer kick-off party for the record books! Of course, many regions are not yet allowing large scale gatherings, but even a small backyard gathering feels exciting after months of lock-down! Perhaps you’re not yet able to break quarantine due to health concerns in your household or your area being a hot-spot. We see you, too! We collected a few fun summer party themes that take into consideration a range of socially distanced options, depending on what you are comfortable with. From completely socially-distanced to outdoor events with some precautions in play, let’s get this party started-- safely!!

Custom Can Coolers as Summer 2020 Party Favor Favorite

Organize a Socially-Distanced "Stock the Bar" Party

As many of us emerge from our sheltering in place cocoons, many people are not yet able to. Whether it be an abundance of caution or a health concern that keeps them close to home, there are still some great ways to celebrate them this summer. If you have a loved one still staying home but who has a summer birthday, organize a themed "Stock the Bar" party for them. All the invited guests will drop by (keeping their distance!) and add their favorite bar item. Of course, this idea translates easily a "Stock Up for Baby" party for your expectant friends or a "Stock the Pantry" party for your foodie friends. The options or limitless, once you start thinking about it! 

As the host, you decorate your guest of honor’s porch or patio and make sure the person you are celebrating has a comfortable place to sit with snacks and a drink. Providing party favors for the guests stopping by is a great detail, too. Mini champagne bottles with personalized gift tags, custom cake boxes with a delectable treat inside or personalized face masks (if that’s not the perfect 2020 party favor, we don’t know what is?!). 

Personalized Gift Tags for Wine or Champagne Party Favors

Coordinate a Reverse Drive-by Celebration

If you have a friend or relative who has been isolated and is ready to get out of the house, but not quite ready for a party, organize a reverse drive-by party for them. You’ve seen the drive-by parties happening all spring, so just put it in reverse. You pick up your guest of honor in a fabulous car (a convertible would be amazing!), and drive them around to see their party “guests.” Guests will be waiting in their yard or driveway to spend a few minutes of quality time with your guest of honor at each stop. This party idea gives your guest of honor a low-risk way to get out of the house and see their loved ones, while also allowing for plenty of in-person visiting at the distance your guest of honor prefers. It’s truly win/win!

Custom Designed Can Coolers For Summer 2020 Parties

Host a Take-Out Picnic

If you want to host a party, but want to honor different people’s level of comfort with sharing serving utensils or drink dispensers, a Take-Out Picnic is a perfect compromise. As the host, you put your energies into a fabulous setting, with gorgeous décor, personalized napkins and on-theme party favors, and your guests can each bring their own food from their favorite take-out place. Keep the seating arrangement spacious so people have the option to keep whatever distance they are comfortable with. For a perfectly themed party favor, design summer 2020 koozies! Providing single-serve canned drinks and custom can coolers is a fun way to offer an adorable but useful party favor at your Take-Out Picnic. 

Custom Engraved Glassware for Summer 2020 Party Favors

Plan a Flower Arranging Party

If you’re in an area that is permitting small gatherings, a Flower Arranging Party is a fabulous option! Take advantage of the glorious foliage summer offers and gather with your best friends to create something beautiful! A great theme for bridal showers or just a lovely Sunday brunch, a flower arranging party is a sensory feast. The delicate floral scents, the soft petals, the delicious brunch food -- it all combines to create a truly memorable experience! For a personalized touch, provide custom engraved drinking jars as your guests’ vase, so they leave with a beautiful bouquet and a party favor they’ll enjoy using for years to come. 

Whatever level of partying you are doing this summer, there are custom party accessories to help you curate your own summer oasis experience! Whether you have celebrations on the calendar, are riding out the season mostly in your backyard or you have big plans for time spent at the lake or beach, there are personalized cups, napkins and home items that can bring special details, wherever you are!