Personalize Your Drive-By Celebration with FYP

2 Jun

As summer arrives, many of us are still facing social distancing requirements, the closures of our favorite summer activities and all in all a reeeeally different social landscape than any of us could have anticipated. Events as we knew them are on pause, and we’re all tapping into some deep creativity to find ways to celebrate, even during this difficult time. One trend that we’re all familiar with by now, and is SO genius, is the drive-by party.

Decorate for Your Drive By Party With Custom Balloons From For Your Party

Birthdays, baby showers and graduation celebrations - we are seeing so many interpretations of drive-by parties. It’s a great way for people to see each other’s faces and honor the life event being celebrated, while still protecting the vulnerable among us and following our local ordinances. 

Personalized Yard Signs are a Great Option for Your Drive By Party

Personalize Your Drive-By Party

Give your outdoor drive-by party all the pizazz you’d give a pre-COVID19 party and make it truly unique. Create an unforgettable backdrop for your drive-by celebration with balloons, personalized yard signs and comfy seating for your guest of honor. A pop-up shade canopy is a great way to anchor the décor vision and offer shade to your birthday girl or boy. Bring out the fans and cooler full of yummy bevvies for ultimate comfort. 

Personalized Drive-By Party Favors

Don’t forget to curate the perfect drive-by party favor! Whether it’s a delicious treat displayed in a personalized cake box, or a custom designed goodie bag filled with a few favorite things, your guests will love having a fun memento from your event. For a relevant and useful addition, tuck a drive-by party themed custom face mask or 2 in your party favor bags.

Personalized Cake Boxes are a Great Option for Drive By Party Favors

As we continue to navigate the pandemic and all the ways it can impact our lives, we hope that you are finding moments of joy in the midst of the strain. Let’s celebrate the special moments in our lives within the parameters we have right now, while still (very much) looking forward to the freedom to parrrrty in the future.

While we are definitely rooting for this not to become the new normal, per se, Here at For Your Party, we are alllll about celebrating our loved ones however we can. So give that birthday boy or birthday girl a next level drive-by birthday party this year! Honor the new life coming into this crazy world with a drive-by, socially distant baby shower! Have guests decorate their cars, honk and wave, and then drive on by!

Design a Custom Gift Tag for Your Drive By Party Favors With For Your Party