A New Year's Bash Everyone Enjoys

11 Dec

by: Rose Smith

This year, our New Years’ Eve celebrations may not be what we’re used to, but there are still tons of ways to make your 2020 New Year’s bash unforgettable. (Can we call a very small gathering a bash? We are going with YES!) This New Year’s Eve will certainly be less crowded, and likely more spacious, but the excitement of watching the ball drop on 2020 and welcome 2021 will be electric! A fresh start sounds nice right about now! 

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Perhaps a more intimate crowd is exactly what your NYE party needs. Embrace this New Years’ with gusto by creating a cozy, safe environment, and ordering your New Years Eve party supplies with For Your Party! (Of course, any local ordinances for social distancing should be observed, and considerations should be made for hand sanitizing and mask-wearing.) This year, give some special attention to throwing a party that you can actually enjoy hosting! Planning with simple hosting in mind will totally change your NYE party experience!

Curate a Cozy, Safe Environment for New Years Eve

This New Year’s Eve, create an environment that is welcoming, cozy, and, of course, in alignment with the local restrictions and ordinances of your local area. Fire up the outdoor heater and supply cozy blankets and hand-warmers for a wintery outdoor event. If you have a 3-season porch, with a few upgrades maybe it can become a gathering space that is still well ventilated. If you’re partying with your COVID pod and indoors is an option, we still highly recommend an especially comfy environment! Even if you’re dressing up in your best sparkly dress, don a cute pair of slippers rather than heels and stay comfortable all night! Just because you are hosting doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve to be comfortable!

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Fabulous New Years Eve Decor

No matter how small the crowd, get the party started with some eye-catching party supplies. Our New Year’s Eve Insta Party Deluxe Kit has everything you’ll need for a small party, including cocktail napkins, plates, flatware and even party hats for when the clock strikes midnight! High-quality party supplies will give your party an effortless cohesive look. Keep your décor as simple as you need to for you to still enjoy the planning! A simple black glitter banner is a great way to adorn your bar cart, and, of course, there’s always confetti poppers! Order some extra party hats to make sure everyone has one at the stroke of midnight!

Easy Food for Your New Years Eve

Keep the food simple and individualized at your New Year’s Eve party this year. Individually packaged food like bags of chips or single servings of hummus or guacamole will keep your germ-sharing to a minimum, and require no prep work! For sweets, have custom cookies made in advance and slip them in a custom cello bag for a cute presentation AND practical purpose of protecting the sweet treats from sitting out all night. 

If you’re serving dinner, consider serving foods that are individually prepared and boxed. Burritos, sandwiches and tacos can all be easily served in a box, which limits the cross-contamination issues that come with a buffet or close, sit-down meal. While these tips make for a pandemic-friendly party strategy, they also create an easier hosting burden for you! It’s clearly a win/win situation!

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NYE Pandemic Precautions

No matter who you’re inviting to your New Year’s Eve party, face masks and hand sanitizer are imperative!  Give your guests (and yourself) as much peace of mind as possible with personalized face masks and custom sanitizer hand wipes. Do your part to keep your fellow NYE party guests safe and healthy by providing these 2020 party essentials. As the host, you’ll feel a lot of relief to know that you’re equipping yourself and your friends as you ring in the new year!

Whatever your New Year’s Eve plans are this year, make sure that it’s a plan that you’ll enjoy! From the food to the décor, make your own enjoyment a priority! It will be the perfect way to begin 2021!

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