Incorporating Animal Print into Your Wedding Style

21 Jan

Give your winter wedding a touch of something wild by incorporating animal prints into your wedding style. From small details to major décor decisions, animal prints will take your winter wedding style to the next level! Bonus: For Your Party’s new Wild Winter color palette is a great place to start for inspiration!

custom designed wedding accessories to incorporate animal print into your wedding style

Animal Print Inspired Accents

At any wedding, from a simple, elegant affair to a multiple day extravaganza, there are plenty of ways include animal inspired accents. Bow ties and pocket squares are an easy way to bring animal prints front and center while staying subtle. If you have a soft seating area at your winter wedding reception, add animal print throw pillows to the sofas to extend your animal print theme. 

unique zebra print inspired wedding matches

Animal Print Textiles and Table Top 

Of course, your reception tablescapes are a great place to feature animal prints in your wedding décor. Tablecloths, table runners and chair décor are all great ways to add animal prints to your wedding day style. Layer your animal prints with other textures for a dramatic effect. Animal print rugs can also be great additions to your overall wedding design.

animal print inspired wedding dinner menu for your winter wedding

Animal Print Personalized Wedding Accessories

A great way to incorporate animal print into your winter wedding style is through custom-designed cocktail napkins and matches. Pass those fabulous signature cocktails with animal print cocktail napkins! And your personalized wedding matches from your wedding bar will make a great token wedding favor for your guests!

In big ways and small, incorporating animal prints will take your winter wedding style to the top of the food chain! Cheers to that!

eye catching zebra print inspired custom cocktail napkins for your winter wedding