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How to Incorporate Disco Balls into Your Wedding

7 Feb 2023

Are you planning a retro groovy 70’s disco wedding? After hours of pinning endless disco ball inspo on Pinterest, are you starting to ask yourself, “just how many disco balls is too many?” Worry not, let us assure you that when it comes to these glittery globes, there is simply no such thing as too many. Disco balls are a timeless trend for good reason–they look great, of course, but they also set an instant party mood by bouncing light around the room and creating that dreamy, dance-y atmosphere. Your guests won’t be able to stop movin’ and groovin’ with these disco ball decor ideas!

Disco Ball Decor

1. The Classic: On the Ceiling!

This one might sound obvious, but we thought we’d offer a bit of a twist on the classic single-disco-ball-on-the-ceiling that we all know and love. Have you ever seen a disco ball chandelier? Well, feast your eyes on this gorgeous fixture from our party pals Heather and Dustin’s wedding! To recreate this disco ball decor, you’ll need to track down a couple different sizes of disco balls. Think of it like a flower arrangement–you’ll want to create movement and an interesting silhouette, so try to hang different sizes of disco ball at different heights. Make sure to hook these in with some strong wire on the same spot on the ceiling, so that they stay together while you and your guests dance the night away below!

Disco Ball Decor

2. As a Cake Topper

Add some sparkle to your sweets with a disco ball wedding cake topper! This stunning piece is super easy to put together and will instantly add major glam to any cake. Groovy disco colors are preferred, of course, but this disco ball decor would look dazzling on a classic white cake as well! To recreate this, head to your party decor provider of choice and look for mini disco balls. Like the previous DIY, it’s best to look for different sizes of disco ball to create an eye-catching centerpiece. (PS: peep our matchy matches below–more disco themed products coming up in the next section!)

Disco Ball Decor

3. Disco Details

It’s all in the details! Don’t neglect the party basics when it comes to your dreamy disco wedding–add some sparkle to your napkins, plates, and cups with disco balls and disco-themed motifs. Since the disco ball is such a universal icon, don’t be afraid to get creative with it (check out this cutie-fied disco ball below!) and add your own personal flair. To really tie together your disco ball decor, don’t forget to use groovy fonts and plenty of metallic shine. Need some inspo? Check out our Disco Night Suite for more products and ideas!

Disco Ball Decor

4. Disco Inspired Cocktails

Ok, this type of disco ball decor is less literal and more…conceptual. Although, we won’t stop you from tossing a couple of mini disco balls into the punch bowl–larger, non-choking-hazard ones, of course–or putting cute little disco motifs on your stir sticks. Why not spread the spirit of disco ball decor all the way to your cocktail bar? There’s plenty of classic 70’s drinks to experiment with, but we’re partial to Disco Lemonade, our peach-flavored take on an old fashioned! You can read the full deets on our blog, but all you’ll need is peach whiskey, bitters, sparkling water, and edible glitter (if you really want to go full disco).

Disco Ball Decor