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How To: Host a Winning Big Game Party

16 Jan 2023

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The Big Game is almost here! Whether you’re going to watch it for the game, the commercials, or Rihanna’s halftime performance, this is a great way to get some friends together for a good time. 

Obviously, we know how to throw the best parties around (and have all the party details to go along with it) so you can trust our opinion when it comes to all things party hosting! So huddle up and read on for our tips and tricks on how to host the best Big Game party yet.

Big Game Party Host

Sideline Snacks For All Your Guests 

Let’s get one thing straight. In order to host the ultimate Big Game Party, you need to have the essentials… AKA snacks. This is a crucial part of any Big Game party; but why not step it up a bit? Elevate your classic game day appetizers by serving them in our custom shot glasses. Whether it's wings with ranch or mozzarella sticks with marinara, the crowd will go wild for these tasty treats in bite-size format.

custom shot glasses for the big game

The fun doesn’t stop there, This next snack will make you the ultimate Big Game party host in town. A classic snack to chow down on while you’re in the zone, (or shall we say red zone), is popcorn. Elevate this party staple by offering several different flavors (our favorites are cheddar, caramel corn, and butter) and serve it in our custom popcorn bags. This will help avoid everyone reaching into one bowl, and your guests will have a variety of flavors to choose from. Sounds like a win-win to us.

custom popcorn bags for the big game

To continue your snack fest, how about a soft pretzel? Serve them in our cookie bags for a festive snack to carry with you all the way to the couch. We will warn you, these can get messy, so you’re obviously going to need some custom napkins to go along with it just in case.

big game popcorn bags

Tackling Dessert

Now that we’ve covered savory snacks, let’s talk about sweets. One of our favorite ways to serve desserts is in our shot glasses! Fill each shot glass with your favorite candy (or a mix of candy) and set them out for each guest to take. Personalize the glasses (and the candy inside of them) to match the rest of your decor at the party to really make them stand out! These will be a crowd-pleaser… we promise. Look out, you’re going to be the go-to Big Game host every year from now on!

big game deserts

Cheers and Beers

Snacks are just half of the fun. Next up, Drinks! Our stadium cups are perfect for a cold brew, water, or anything in between! Design them to match your team’s color and logo. Once the party’s over, toss them in the dishwasher for easy cleanup, and keep them handy for next season!

custom stadium cups

Down, Set, Party! 

Whether your team wins or loses, these tips and tricks will ensure that your Big Game party is a touchdown! We hope these tips and tricks make hosting your Big Game party a breeze! We can’t wait to see how you decide to celebrate. Don’t forget to snap a pic in between plays and tag us @foryourparty on Instagram for a chance to be featured!

Big Game Party Host
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