Here’s What’s in: The 2023 Wedding Trends

8 Mar 2023

One of the best parts of having a wedding is the chance to make it unmistakably of a place and time. We think of trends as a way to blend your own personal tastes with what’s happening in the world. The right attention to what’s trendy can set your event apart and wow your guests. With that, here are the 2023 Wedding Trends we’re seeing!

2023 wedding trends

Be Bold

Neutral weddings are so last year. The first of our 2023 wedding trends is bold colors, with none hotter than rusty shades of terracotta and burnt orange. Bright pinks and greens are also coming up big, and we can’t leave out magenta, PANTONE’s color of the year. This is in keeping with the larger trend towards visually maximalist weddings, with influences in boho-chic and disco. If you’re going for a bold and colorful look, we think the best place to start is our Color Palette page, with all the color combination inspiration one could ask for! When you decide on your bold theme, our Retro Wedding Arch Invitations are a great way to get the word out.

bold as a 2023 wedding trend

Plan on Adventures

Wedding weekends are shaping up to be one of the major 2023 wedding trends. As destination weddings get more common, couples are increasingly treating guests who make the trip to things like beach days, wiffle ball tournaments, afterparties, and next-day brunches. It’s not just about the ceremony anymore, but pacing fun out over the course of a few days. Our Drink Pouches are a great way to add a fun, playful twist to these outings.

adventure is a 2023 Wedding Trends

Eat Creatively

We saw this pop up last year, and it has no signs of slowing down. A list of 2023 wedding trends would be incomplete without mentioning charcuterie boards! They’re a great way to serve apps and tasty treats to your guests, family-style. Because there are so many options for what you can put on a board—anything you can cut into bite size pieces, or spread on some fresh bread—charcuterie boards are a great way to really put a personal touch on your wedding by featuring your favorite foods, ingredients, or local delicacies. Cocktail napkins are a must as with any finger food, and our adorable 5 oz. Frost Flex Cups are great for little bites like olives or nuts. If you’re looking for a good memento from your wedding, try presenting your charcuterie on one of our Custom Cheese Boards!

creative food is a 2023 Wedding Trends

Turn Back the Clock

Last but not least for our 2023 wedding trends: retro weddings! You heard it here first, but these are going to be the look for 2023. On all of our feeds, everyone is looking back to the 70s and 80s for their looks. Bold colors, disco balls, and jewelry that might have once been described as gaudy are all going to be making appearances this year. You might have guessed, but we have you covered with our latest collection Retro Wedding, from Invitations to Matchboxes to Napkins. You’ll have to make the playlist, though!

retro wedding is a 2023 Wedding Trends

Keep Us In The Loop! 

Whatever trends you decide on for your wedding in 2023, we can’t wait to see what you come up with! If you accent your big day with our products, be sure to tag us @foryourparty!

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2023 wedding trends