Cocktail: Rhubarb Sour

9 Feb

It’s mid-winter here in Chicago, and it’s safe to say we’re all ready for warmer days. While we wait, why not mix up a fresh new cocktail to toast with your galentines or with your significant other?! This Rhubarb Sour is as refreshing as it is beautiful! The delicate egg white foam adds a luxurious touch, while the fresh lemon juice and rhubarb syrup complement your favorite gin for a delicious addition to your cocktail mixing repertoire! 

mix up a Rhubarb Sour with For Your Party this Valentine's Day



1) In a cocktail shaker filled 3/4 full with ice, add the rhubarb syrup, lemon juice and gin.

2) Shake well to chill the cocktail.

3) Strain the drink into a clean glass and discard the ice.

4) Place the drink back into the shaker and add the egg white.

5) Shake the cocktail until the egg white becomes foamy.

6) Pour into a wide-mouth glass to highlight the lovely foam!

7) Enjoy!

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