Celebrating (less) Small: 2021 Weddings

12 Apr

2020 was undoubtedly the year of the (unexpected) micro-wedding trend, but now that we are over a year into the pandemic, we are starting to see a shift to celebrating a little less small. This year we are more equipped for wedding gatherings with face masks and hand sanitizer, and the vaccine rollout is also giving couples a sense of comfort as they plan their 2021 weddings. While many weddings may still be scaled down a bit in size, the fabulous factor is at an all-time high!

face masks are a hospitality essential for 2021 wedding celebrations

Provide for Pandemic Precautions 


As people are easing back into larger gatherings, it’s more important than ever to provide your guests with face masks, sanitizer options and plenty of space and signage for social distancing. As we all learn how to be in groups again (and yes, it’s totally normal for it to feel overwhelming), you’ll want to make those considerations for your wedding guests. One great way to do this is by offering seating options that give people a way to stay on the fringe but still participate in your big day. 

personalized can coolers are a fabulous addition to your wedding bar

Offer Single Serving Sips


When it comes to your wedding bar, while we may be back to gathering, you might want to skip the mixologist (for now) in exchange for single-serving drinks for your wedding guests. These small details can deliver major points with your guests. We’ve seen wedding bars offer self-serve bar offerings at each table, or canned wine and beer complete with custom koozies. Feel free to think outside of the box since everything is a little out of the box right now. Creative liberty is yours to take!

custom matches and personalized matches take your wedding decor up a notch

Add Top Notch Napkins & Matching Favors


Of course, gorgeous personalized wedding napkins are a wedding must-have, no matter the size of the wedding. Add layers of personalization with custom matches and personalized coasters, too! For some couples, the scaled-back guest list (but oh so much longer than the micro-weddings of last spring!) creates some room in the budget for extra fabulous wedding details.

Whatever the size of your upcoming wedding, give your special day the personalized touches that make you smile! Your guests will appreciate your consideration in supplying wellness products to help everyone celebrate more safely. 


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