The Best Sellers of 2020 & Hints for 2021

22 Dec

by: Rachel Rosenberg
Each year, For Your Party checks out what our customers have loved from us the most and we do our best to improve on it, adapt it or even replicate it for the following year. Our personalization techniques and in-house designers always make sure to include patterns and templates for every aesthetic, making our page a haven for those looking to be inspired! The high-quality results we hold ourselves to consistently providing, our yearly round-up of our best sellers truly showcases which pieces have caught the eye of thousands of our customers.

This year saw the addition of custom protective gear into our catalog, so our favorites have expanded into accessories including disposable face masks and hand sanitizers, accessories we are proud to provide and personalize for all of 2020’s biggest days. Follow along as we document what were your faves this year in a few categories, and we’ll tell you a bit of what to look forward to in 2021.

Customized Wedding Hand Sanitizer + Disposable Face Masks


2020’s Most Popular Cocktail Napkins

This year saw our “Stacked and Swirled” design on pretty much any and every piece of decor we have to offer. Why is something so simple at the very top of our client’s list of favorites? We believe it has something to do with the strong, capitalized couple names with a palette-cleanser of cursive “and'' to make this a cocktail napkin that you can easily dress up or dress down. Shown here in our woven-style napkin and soft, neutral colors, this is a napkin that is ready for a luxurious reception that emphasizes texture and shines. “Modern Script Name” features pieces that apply to nearly every couple: the date of the big day, the location of your venue, or even replacing the bottom portion with your wedding hashtag. Another perfect mixture of fun script and easily legible details, these napkins have seen receptions both intimate, large, bohemian, and traditional. Shown here on a simple white napkin, the sage green print can really transform your cocktail napkins to be the perfect rustic additions to your bar and sweets table. What makes these truly winners though, is that adapting the color-ways chosen, the specific style and textures of napkin, these designs can fit in perfectly at any event. Timelessness and authenticity in design is key for the moments we want to remember forever.


2 of the best selling wedding Cocktail Napkins

2020’s Most Popular Disposable Face Masks

2020 will absolutely be known for many things, but definitely as the year we were introduced to mandatory masks. While the marketplace has provided countless choices for masks in recent days, we have found the disposable face mask the best choice for the wedding industry. Why? Not only are they fantastically easy to buy in bulk, you’ll also be able to personalize the color combinations, the fonts, and what your masks say, providing your guests, staff, loved ones, and more with matching PPE decor. Why must we match? Our masks cover the fronts of our faces - the portion of our bodies that’s the most photographed. Your professional photographer is paid to capture everything so make sure you love the aesthetic!

The fan-favorite of the year was undoubtedly our “Quarantined For Life” wedding mask, a design we love and feel injects a sense of romance and a bit of light-heartedness during this uncertain time. Surrounded by hearts and showcasing the couple’s name underneath, this is a souvenir that will mark this historic period of time, dedicating yourself to spending the foreseeable future with your SO. Most of 2020’s couples ended up needing to reschedule their nuptials 2 to 3 different times due to various safety laws that seemed to be updated weekly, hence, our second most-used face mask, the “Hitched!” design. Beautifully scribed on the right side with blocked font on the left, we feel like this mask is a true celebration of love for every person involved with your biggest Big Day. That exclamation point represents that feeling of “finally” for a couple who may have had no idea of what was coming next for their wedding plans. Understandably, we’re positive that growing up, no woman or man dreamt of wearing a face mask during their ceremony. Having said that, we know that customizing this essential accessory will provide you with a feeling of just a bit of control and calm during a time when couples have been afforded with little to none.

Client Favorites for Wedding Face Masks

2020’s Most Popular Hand Sanitizer Bottles

Sanitation stations,” a term that’s both fun to say and also a mainstay at all 2020 weddings. With many singing, “Stop, Sanitize!”, following it up with their rendition of the “MC Hammer dance,”, we are so happy to have supplied so many big events with the very tools needed to get guests following hygienic practices, your way. Upon adding our bottled hand sanitizers to the For Your Party PPE line of decor, our designers saw an influx of popular designs that included a few standout classics. Of those top designs, FYP loves and will forever recommend initials of the newlyweds paired together, like the “Bold & Modern Initials” template, or even the singular initial of the newly shared last name, a’la our “Modern Line Initial.” These, no matter the date or venue switch, will work for your Big Day as your initials are there to stay! This exclusion of date or location is FYP’s simple way to avoid any big day mishaps, utilizing curated accessories that are circumstance-proof.

The other big winner of the sanitation category came in the form of our beloved kissing line-drawn couple, accompanied by the 2020 client-favored phrase, “Quarantined For Life Couple”. This bottle was often colored and paired to match a couple’s “Quarantined For Life” face masks, cocktail napkins, and more, and for us, there was no better way to celebrate a 2020 pair’s devotion to one another.

The favorite wedding hand sanitizer bottles

2020’s Most Popular Cups

The most-used cup designs of 2020 were of no surprise to the For Your Party staff, as one happens to be a favorite year after year; the “Best Day Ever” stadium cup. Shown below, mid-clink, one of our For Your Party bachelorette’s decided to stretch one of her “Best Days” ever into an entire weekend, the ultimate example of how our customization tools can maximize the fun of the celebrations we throw ourselves. Strong and ready for multi-use, these are meant to be that souvenir that’ll remind you of, quite literally, the best times ever. Another top choice for our 2020 clientele for their beverages? The “Alcohol Kills Germs'' design won over many hearts, acting as a tongue-and-cheek reminder that we should still be on top of washing our hands and staying safe during the uncertainty we face together. More than that? We love a fabulous conversation starter and these cups are absolutely accessories for an event that is looking to serve libations all while keeping spirits bright with what usually results in a little laugh or two.

Cheers with 2 of the most loved cups of 2020!

2020’s Most Popular Classic Matchboxes

Let’s chat about one of Rachel’s very favorite For Your Party pieces to customize; the classic matchbook. Not only are these notably one of guests’ favorite souvenirs to collect, these are also becoming one of the most fabulously useful + creative marketing tools of this year and next. For our 2020 couples, it is easy to see why many chose to customize the “Stacked and Swirled” design for their wedding day: this template does not showcase a date or a venue location. It showcases only the most important things: the beautiful couples’ names and, when flipped over, an adorable reminder that, regardless of which newlywed you’ve shown up for, they’ve found their perfect match! How wonderfully romantic! Another perfect example of a wedding souvenir that has a design that will last a lifetime? The “Perfect Ring Match” has been a hit in 2020, being customized perfectly with seasonal colors and a number of different finishes that can blend in with your venue and theme seamlessly. Simple, with the design set in its corner, our diamond ring graphic with room to include the newlyweds initials inside of their circle, makes for the perfect takeaway souvenir. Either way, our matches of all shapes and sizes have become an incredibly popular add-on for any and every occasion.

2 of our clients 2020 Favorite Custom Matches

The Miscellaneous 2020 For Your Party Faves

Traditions for every occasion were rocked by 2020’s pandemic, which ushered in some wonderful miscellaneous favorites from our creative clients! With the sanitation stations, arrived our PPE items, one of our specialties being individual sanitizing hand wipes. Easy to grab, use, then toss, the familiar favorite template, “Quarantined for Life”, used to accompany their other tongue-and-cheek quarantine phrase decor. Placed right at the front of the venue in a high-quality bowl, encourage each guest to be as hygienic as hands can be before they enter your Big Day. Another PPE favorite began with the idea to make baby showers and gender reveals as safe as possible for mom’s everywhere, by using our “Team Baby Girl” and “Baby Boy” disposable face masks printed on our blue and pink 3-layer protective masks. Making these available for your guests means they get to wear their guesses as to the sex of your baby, or grab a specific color to celebrate the little boy or girl to be added to a family soon.   

A motif that we celebrated the use of in 2020? Leafs, wooden-texture, and full-color patterns. The ushering in of an element we find only in nature worked especially well for this year, as many receptions were held outdoors to accommodate for the extra space needed to keep wedding parties as safe as possible. According to the way it’s styled, your leaf motif can be made to work with your bohemian, traditional, or even modern wedding aesthetic. Our “Contemporary Leaf Monogram” allowed for nature, a couple’s initials, and the date of their reception all on one cocktail napkin, or shown here, as a guest hand towel, the ultimate bathroom option in 2020.

When in doubt, there is always at least one For Your Party staple that you can turn to for the best guest reaction that decor can afford - the “Fun Fact” cocktail napkin. Known for their ability to break the ice, these napkins, in their many different templates, bring actual fun to what you once just considered to be just another sheet on your tablescape.

3 Wedding Faves that 2020 Shared

Some Final Thoughts...

Excited to get this year in the rearview? Us too, but not without first recognizing how blessed FYP is to have helped so many safely down the aisle in 2020. With 2021 in the horizon, let’s start talking about what you can expect from For Your Party for your home and your upcoming events. Many of us have been working from our home offices, so please expect many more home-friendly designs that’ll help you operate at peak performance. Office needs like personalized stationery kits, sticky notes, sustainable coffee cups, and leather coasters are headed to your future carts. Kitchenware? We’re there. Not only will we continue dishing out high-quality cutting boards and glassware, we’ll be serving up further phrasing and designs that’ll work perfectly for the kitchen table and your powder room. Switching out your terry cloth towel for customized guest hand towels is one of the easiest sanitization strategies - no more sharing a singular towel! What else to get excited about? If you’re a 2021 bride, there is planning to be done and we would love to help you decorate your upcoming venue!  The upcoming year will also usher in branding opportunities for your company, new or established! 2021 will be a year focused on amping up the customer experience, considering what sorts of add-ons can make you most memorable to prospective and loyal clientele alike.

2021 focuses with decor in the office and home!

Our Pantone colors have been chosen, hello to 2021’s “Illuminating” Yellow and “Ultimate Grey”, and 2020 is on it’s long-awaited way out. Let’s get ready to power on and get ready to curate events with the team at For Your Party. Shop the rest of the year’s favorites from FYP here!

Can coolers, guest hand towels, and Fun Facts!