Bachelorette Party Must-Haves

13 May

So one of your besties is getting married! Hurray! Time to plan a fab bachelorette par-tay! Of course, your bachelorette planning includes thinking about menu, bar offerings and the party setting your bride-to-be friend will like best.

Next comes theme and décor: What theme reflects your soon-to-be married friend? Does she want a wild weekend of non-stop celebration? Or does she want something more laid back and luxurious?

Even if all of that is still up in the air, you can get started designing the custom party accessories, so let’s talk must-have personalized bachelorette party supplies!

custom designed bachelorette party accessories

Best Bachelorette Party Basics

You’ll want plenty of the personalized party basics like personalized party napkins and custom plastic cups, of course. No one wants to be the one to use the last party cup, and you definitely don’t want to run out of cups mid-party (#partyfail) so keep the drinks flowing with reusable custom plastic cups designed by Y-O-U.

Along with your party cups, custom bachelorette cocktail napkins are a total necessity! Pass those cocktails in style, ladies!! Design a unique look with our marble cocktail napkins for a totally eye-catching look!

personalized marble bachelorette party cocktail napkins

Unique Bachelorette Party Favors

Of course, you’ll need to have some good bachelorette party favors planned! We love personalized koozies for a festive addition to the party that is totally keep-able. Everyone keeps a stash of koozies on hand, and it’s so fun to add one that commemorates such a fun party!

If you’re wanting to do a more extravagant gift bag or “recovery kit,” you can totally stash a custom koozie in a gift bag with some snacks, hydration powder and a cute sleeping mask! It all depends on how #extra you want to be.

custom designed flat can koozies

Bachelorette Party Ideas

While custom coasters may not be first on your mental list as you’re bachelorette planning, don’t underestimate them! Personalized coasters can add a fun new shape or pop of color to your party design, and lots of people end up stashing one in their purse for a memento! Add a clever fill in the blank sentence like, “I belong Elizabeth’s bachelorette party, if i’m lost ______!” for a hilarious way to keep up with your drink!

When you design custom plastic cups and personalized party napkins and then add personalized coasters and koozies to your party scape, the effect is fabulous! Your guest of honor will love the layering of personalized party supplies throughout your party décor! 

custom metallic frost flex party cups
personalized bachelorette party coasters