Priority Shipping will get you many products by 12.10.2021. Excluding Uploaded Art. Initial Heart Photo Hand Sanitizer Favor ForYourParty's chic White Photo/Full Color 2 oz Hand Sanitizer Favor with Matte Poppy Ink Digital Print Colors will add that special attention to detail that cannot be overlooked. 1152658 18528 $ 121.00
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Initial Heart Photo Hand Sanitizer Favor Full Color 1 oz Hand Sanitizer Favor
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Active Color
Photo/Full Color Hand Santizers

  • White
Active Color
Digital Inks

  • Matte Slate Gray Ink
  • Matte White Ink
  • Matte Ivory Ink
  • Matte Dove Grey
  • Matte Taupe Ink
  • Matte Sand Ink
  • Matte Kraft/Latte Ink
  • Matte Chocolate Ink
  • Matte Black Ink
  • Matte Rouge Ink
  • Matte Blush Ink
  • Matte Pastel Pink Ink
  • Matte Light Coral Ink
  • Matte Ballet Pink Ink
  • Matte Fuchsia Ink
  • Matte Poppy Ink
  • Matte Dark Magenta Ink
  • Matte Lipstick Red Ink
  • Matte Red Berry Ink
  • Matte Brick Ink
  • Matte Tangerine Ink
  • Matte Mimosa Yellow Ink
  • Matte Chartreuse Ink
  • Matte Spring Green Ink
  • Matte Mint Ink
  • Matte Sunflower Ink
  • Matte Sage Ink
  • Matte Key Lime Ink
  • Matte Army Green Ink
  • Matte Moss Green Ink
  • Matte Leaf Ink
  • Matte Spruce Ink
  • Matte Robin’s Egg Blue Ink
  • Matte Turquoise Ink
  • Matte Teal/Peacock Ink
  • Matte Sky Blue Ink
  • Matte Periwinkle Ink
  • Matte Stone Blue Ink
  • Matte Azure Ink
  • Matte Lavender Ink
  • Matte Cobalt Ink
  • Matte Royal Blue Ink
  • Matte Mauve Ink
  • Matte Grape Soda Ink
  • Matte Navy Ink
  • Matte Plum Ink
  • Matte Amethyst Ink
  • Matte Eggplant Ink
More Detailed Information

Custom made to order, FYP personalized hand sanitizer favors are created by imprinting your design onto the card stock paper of your choice and then securing it with a durable adhesive around the body of each sanitizer. This method allows for the vast array of paper types and colors we offer. They are hand assembled, and not the mass-produced.  Colors are coordinated as closely as possible to match our napkin colors, but may not be exact.

Hand Sanitizer favors are a 1 oz plastic flip top bottle with sanitizer gel. Custom made to order, FYP hand sanitizer bottles are created by printing your full color/4 color art onto digital white paper and then securing it with a durable adhesive around the body of each bottle.Label wrap may shift up to 1/8th of an inch. Please note that the product expiration date and information may be displayed above or below paper wrap.

Personalize your Favors with text and illustrations from our extensive, designer-curated collection. With over 100 paper colors, 150 fonts, 50 foil colors and 1,300 clipart images, you can create the perfect party accessories for your event. You also have the option to Upload Your Own Art for a truly unique product. 

1oz. Hand Sanitizer Drug Information

Active Ingredient: Ethyl Alcohol (62%).

Purpose: Antiseptic Warnings: Flammable - Keep away from fire or flame. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Keep out of reach of eyes.

Uses: For hand sanitizing to reduce bacteria on the skin. Directions: Squeeze small amount in your palm and briskly rub hands together until dry.

Inactive Ingredients: Alcohol, Water, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Chloroxylenol, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera Extract), Ethonal, Fragrance.

30ml/1oz product best used within 18 months of purchase.

Initial Heart Photo Hand Sanitizer Favor

1oz Hand Sanitizer Favor

Design ID: 1152658

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      1" diameter x 3" h
      1 fluid oz | external use only
      Active Ingredient: Ethyl Alcohol (62%).
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